‍ Monday, July 31

1. Fill out student note cards
notecard activity.PNG
2. Introduction to CER (Claim- Evidence- Reasoning) strategy for lab analysis

HOMEWORK: Students and parents should read and sign the lab safety contract. This is due TOMORROW
Watch this lab safety comic strip: Lab Safety When it asks for your name, just make one up.

Watch this video


‍ Tuesday, August 1

Turn in lab safety contract!
WARM UP: What is needed to be a problem solver?

1. introduction to Capstone Project * Notebook: We set up notebooks for our 8th grade Capstone Project
2. Continue with CER training


‍ Wednesday, August 3

1. CER training


Thursday, August 4

1. complete CER training

Friday, Aug 5
2. Review the proper usage of measuring tools in science

Focus on accuracy & Precision

2. Practice using various measuring tools with accuracy & precision

3. introduce the concept of Problem Based Learning

video on famous failures.

Using the Internet as a resource!!