‍ Monday, August 1

voab focus: science, theory, evidence

1. Fill out student note cards
notecard activity.PNG
2.Class Activity How is Science like a puzzle?

4. Video follow up and discussion

HOMEWORK: Students and parents should read and sign the lab safety contract. This is due TOMORROW
Watch this lab safety comic strip: Lab Safety When it asks for your name, just make one up.

OR Watch this video


‍ Tuesday, August 2

Vocab Focus: evidence conclusion, hypothesis
Turn in lab safety contract!
WARM UP: What is needed to be a problem solver?

1. ACTIVITY: Inferring and drawing conclusions based on evidence.

HOMEWORK FOR PARENTS: If you would like to get informational texts via REMIND, please sign up using the following directions:


‍ Wednesday, August 3

vocab focus: problem solving
1. Conclude check activity from yesterday.

2. videos on solving problems

  • "Did the folks on the escalator fail or succeed?" Why.
  • In this class you will make mistakes. Keep going.
  • Let's look at others who failed, but persevered!!

  • video on famous failures.


Thursday, August 4

1. Class Activity: Collecting Data & Measurement

3. student self evaluation on measurement:

Based on your self evaluation, please use the resources below to do the practice in those areas in which you are weak.
Review these video tutorials. You will be expected to use metrics correctly throughout the entire course. If you need help, please come to the Tuesday morning help sessions.

Remediation to be done at home

  • graduated cylinders:

  • reading thermometers

  • Reading a metric ruler
    • Understanding how to read a metric ruler

    • Practice reading a metric ruler
  • Understanding the basic units in the metric system.

  • Shortcut method to metric conversions


Friday, Aug 5
1. Pretest for this year

2. Show Mythbusters and discuss how they approach a problem.

3. Discussed the Internet as a valid research tool.