Students will use tools and instruments for observing, measuring, and manipulating scientific equipment and materials.
Students will use standard safety practices for all classroom laboratory and field investigations.
SCI.9-12.PS.SCSh5Students will demonstrate the computation and estimation skills necessary for analyzing data and developing reasonable scientific explanations.SCI.9-12.PS.SCSh5.cRecognize the relationship between accuracy and precision SCI.9-12.PS.SCSh5.dExpress appropriate numbers of significant figures for calculated data, using scientific notation where appropriate.SCI.9-12.PS.SCSh3Students will identify and investigate problems scientifically. SCI.9-12.PS.SCSh3.aSuggest reasonable hypotheses for identified problems. SCI.9-12.PS.SCSh3.bDevelop procedures for solving scientific problems.

Monday, Aug 1

. complete note card and turn it in:
notecard activity.PNG
notecard activity.PNG

1. Have the following directions on the Smart Board : "Please seat yourselves alphabetically according to your first name as it appears on your report card"
2. After the students have completed the task, we discussed the course
3. Ask the students work with their group and jot down what they know about the scientific method, then they can share with the class
4. Discuss if they think they used this method in SOLVING THE PROBLEM OF ARRANGING THEMSELVES
5. Discuss the process they used to seat themselves and how it relates to the scientific method
  • was this the only solution?
  • how did they resolve disagreements?
  • how did they come up with this particular solution?

6. Puzzle Activity w/ follow up discussion about evidence based conclusions
7. Geese Grow on Trees video (3 minutes)

Follow up with a discussion on how conclusions are drawn based on the available evidence, and how theories can change as more evidence becomes available. Discuss the concept of bias as it relates to scientific problem solving. Used this video to lead into gathering evidence or collecting data .

HOMEWORK: due tomorrow
Students and parents must read and sign one copy of this lab safety contract AND print a second copy from the blog to keep in their notebooks.
Recommend that they also watch the following video: Lab Safety Zombie College

Recommend that you also watch the following comic strip : Lab Safety Zombie Collegeor watch the video

Tuesday, Aug 2

1. Take up Lab Safety Contracts
2. watch this video clip and discuss how sometimes problem appear so easy to solve, but it depends on your ability to THINK

3. Puzzle Activity
Follow up with a discussion on the need to be problem solvers!

2. Famous Failures Video:
Follow up with a discussion on how learning is all about recovering from failures. Learning from the failures is more powerful than learning from our successes. How does this relate to scientific learning?

HOMEWORK FOR PARENTS: If you would like to receive Reminders via text from REMIND, please follow the directions for your child's science class period:
1st period:
2nd period: 3rd period: 6th period:

Wednesday Aug 3

measurement activity
Analyze the data collected. Discuss the discrepancies between the measurements. Discuss why there are different measurements and to determine which measurements are the most accurate and precise.

Thursday Aug 4
1. warm up: Why is it important to be accurate and precise when measuring?


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(optional activity if needed)

2. Remeasure all of the items in the Measurement Activity using the new knowledge of precision, accuracy and sig figs. DISCUSS

Friday Aug 5
1. pretest: iRespond
2. . Measuring with Sig Figs formative assessment w/ laptops
2. MythBusters and how it is PBL

3. Watch and discuss this video clip as it relates to Internet research